If’n There’s Any Worst Pest than Grasshoppers It Surely Is Politicians

We recently came across another great passage in The Long Winter from the Little House on the Prairie series.

The Ingalls had just run into an old friend, Mr. Edwards, who gave a great explanation of why he didn’t want to settle down by the Ingalls.

“I’m aiming to go far west in the spring,” he said.  “This here country, it’s too settled-up for me.  The politicians are a-swarming in already, and ma’am if’n there’s any worst pest than grasshoppers it surely is politicians.  Why, they’ll tax the lining out’n a man’s pockets to keep up these here county-seat towns!

So there you have it from one of the greatest American classics – politicians are the worst pest on earth!

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Jeremy Ashton, a homeschooling father of four, is a founder of LDSLiberty.org and co-host of the podcast with the same name.
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